Distribution & Inland Transportation Fleet

ORSHAR operates a transportation fleet which includes a wide variety of closed trucks able to support many types of commodities. 

The trucks are secured and equipment with hydraulic ramp to ease the unloading process and the end user site.

ORSHAR is operating a fleet of temperature controlled trucks to support various types of goods including foods & beverages, pharmaceutical goods and other.

ORSHAR also handles the inland transportation of inbound shipments from airport and sea port including gates pass pickup, container extraction from port and return by completing the unloading process.

Inland transportation and distribution service supports:


  • B2B – Deliveries to companies / dealers / business.
  • B2C – Deliveries to end user home / residence.
  • Airport - inbound shipments pickup.
  • Seaport - container extraction from port.
  • Inland Courier.